Changing your IP address

30 June, 2020

What is IP address?

IP address is short for Internet Protocol address. It's an identifying number for network hardware connected to a network. Having an IP address allows other in the same IP network to communicate with one another

Most ip address look like this

this is an ipv4 address, there are other kinds of software like ipv6 which looks something like this


What is my current IP address?

Just google my ip

Why would you wanna change yours?

It's usually to access things that your current IP address is not allowed to, for valid or invalid reasons. (I mean who is to judge?)

How do I change it?

Here are 3 ways

Phone data

If you are connected to your wifi, turn on your phone's hotspot and if your phone's ip address isn't blocked then your ip address will be the one unders your phone's network, essentially allowing you to access what you wanted to.


Just in case the last one did not work due to some reason, you can always connect to a vpn, there are a lot of great free and paid vpn sources, and if you don't like any of those you can always set up your own vpn for a rather cheap price (I provide that as a service, contact me if you want a ready made private and secure vpn)


the traditional way to do it.


  1. Open Control Panel and then select Network and Sharing Center
  2. On the left side select Change adapter setting
  3. This will list all the connections available, double click the connect which provides Most probably your wifi, or ethernet. A small window will open up
  4. Select Properties On bottom left
  5. Double click on Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP. IPv4) That will open yet another window
  6. Here you can decide your IP address, with in range that is.


Doing this on linux has more to it than I would like to discuss here, so see this